MT Snake Carbon Helmet

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The most awaited MT Snake Carbon, now in India. Exceptionally lightweight full face helmet for the sports enthusiasts. The helmet comes with Tear-Off strips. Keeping in line with its racing pedigree the Snake Carbon is the first helmet In India to be pre-fitted with Tear-Off posts. Now you can focus on those laps without anything blocking your vision on track.



  •  Carbon Fiber Structure making it lightweight yet extremely strong.
  • Aerodynamically designed shell. Wind tunnel tested.
  • Multiple shell sizes
  • Multiple vents for efficient ventilation.

Safety :

  • Dual certified – ECE R22.05 & DOT.
  • D-ring fasteners for a secured and perfect fit. 


  • Weighs 1350 grams


  • 100% Max Vision anti-fog PinLock ready visor.
  • Pivoting mechanism for perfect visor seal.
  • Set of 5 Tear-Off strips. A Tear-Off is a disposable laminated film that is fitted to the exterior of the visor to keep it clean. Simply peel and discard whenever required to get a fresh and clear view.


  • EXO – Lining™ high-performance wicking fabric interiors. Hypoallergenic and dry fit.
  • Easily removable and washable interiors.
  • Embedded speaker pockets for communication system.
  • Reflective materials on the neck roll.


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MT Snake Carbon Helmet

MT Snake Carbon Helmet

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