Moto Jack Portable Paddock Stand

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Moto jack is used for motorcycles without center stand. It is used to lift the motorcycle Rear wheel with ease for chain Lubing and washing anywhere anytime.

Moto jack is designed to take that higher Load. However for the safety of your motorcycle, it is recommended not to use with the additional load (like saddlebags).

A poorly lubricated Motorcycle chain can:

  1. Reduce the power by up to 17%.
  2. Reduce the Mileage 
  3. Become a Lethal Weapon when they snap at high speeds.

Product specification :

  1.  Quick and Easy to use
  2.  High grade steel for durability
  3.  High quality rubber padding to prevent scratches on the swing arm.
  4.  It is Compact and Portable – Just 20cm Long
  5.  It includes Moto jack, Velcro Strap, Anti-Skid Rubber Pad & User Manual
  6.  It is Quick, Saves space and fit easily in to your saddle bag or back pack.
  7.  Item weight is 680 grams


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Moto Jack Portable Paddock Stand

Moto Jack Portable Paddock Stand

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