Shad Top Case SH46

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Product description Shad Top Case SH46

Reference D0B46200.

The SH46 is very resistant thanks to the high quality & robust reinforced polypropylene composite material that it is made of.

The case is resistant to extreme temperatures and protects the interior cargo hold from impacts and also from any form of precipitation such as rain and snowfall.

A double locking system keeps its cargo hold safe and secures the case to the bike.

The Top Case can be opened, closed and locked with just a simple motion, freeing the rider and enabling multitasking.

A carrying handle further ensures comfortable transport.

SHAD has also introduced a complete range of accessories to maximize comfort for the rider & copilot such as a backrest integrated on the case & an inner bag to optimize the space inside of the case.

Measurements (cm): 31 - 58 - 42 (Height x Width x Depth)


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Shad Top Case SH46

Shad Top Case SH46

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