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  • Raida Balaclava

    Raida Balaclava

  • Korda Balaclava

    Korda Balaclava

    This garment is manufactured using a high- performance microfiber polyester fabric woven with elastane, that wicks sweat away from the face to the fabric surface, where it dries extra - quickly to keep your face and helmet fresh.

  • Viaterra Balaclava

    Viaterra Balaclava

    ViaTerra 2nd Skin hydration friendly balaclava comes with a whole host of important features designed to work for the hot & humid weather in India. The fabric has been treated with PolygieneTM, used by leading performance & sports wear brands globally, including Adidas, for odor control and to inhibit bacterial growth.



    Keeping in line with our “be different” design philosophy, we have thrown the boring and bland all black headwear for an attention grabbing colour splashed design. An oversized XDI branding on the side of the headwear announces your arrival to the crowd.

  • Byke’IT Balaclava

     Byke’IT Balaclava

  • Aspida Balaclava

    Aspida Balaclava 

  • Ski Mask

    Ski Mask

  • Oxford Balaclava

    Oxford Balaclava

  • Moto Marshall Balaclava

    Moto Marshall Balaclava 

Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items
Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items